Wednesday, 18 January 2012

My Europe Trip on the Shoestring: Continuing our journey (Luxembourg)

The next morning (i really lost count of the days), we checked out and caught a train to Basel. Why Basel? No specific reasons. But part of it because of the Easyjet promo. So, the train departed Brussels midi at 10 am. 6 hours train ride...Under normal circumstances, it seems so long but for me, i didn't even notice the time. I was so engrossed in scrutinizing the scenery, 6 hours seemed so fast. At first, my route was to Milan but after listing some reasonings, i decided to re-route to Basel.
Brussels Midi

One of the small stations

In the train, very cozy...

Sheep everywhere

After halfway, we stopped for lunch and quick sightseeing at Luxemborg, the smallest countries in EU.

View from the train station

Still a lot of bikes!

Bangunannya unik2
 Opposite the train station, there's a muslim restaurant owned by a Lebanese man (if i'm not mistaken). The food was ok and the price was fine too.

Kebab and beef apa ntah with fanta & ice lemon tea
Hajat hati mula2 nak naik hop on hop off Lux for a quick view of the place but we arrived there a bit late. So, we cancelled our plan and just 'ronda2' at the area nearby and belik souvenirs at the souvenir shops along the lane. Negara ni nampak mcm aman-damai aja... Ala2 kampong dekat UK plak sekalik tengok. After a few hours there, we all walked back to the train station to catch the train to Basel. X banyak tangkap gambar kat sini, pasal nak kejar masa belik2 barang, jalan2 sikit dan teros ke train station semula.

Waiting for the next train to Basel. Kecik aja stationnya. 

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