Sunday, 8 January 2012

My Europe Trip on the Shoestring: From Amsterdam to Brussels

The next morning, we didn't have anything specific to do. Just relaxed and enjoyed the fresh air of Amsterdam. Rasa mcm x nak balik!  At noon,  we checked out and went to the Euroline counter to get our tickets and board the bus to Brussels. Eurolines ni mcm Transnasional la kat sini. Tp die cover satu Europe. Perjalanan ke Brussels dari Amsterdam ambik masa dalam beberapa jam. Tak terasa pon pasal kami sebok borak-borak dan menikmati scenery yg cantik. Mula2 memang nak naik train but it was expensive, so we decided to use Euroline's service. The cost was 10 euro per person and i booked online.  So far, syarikat ni x pernah buat hal...

Departed to Brussels a bit late sebab ada satu keluarga ni, mak dan anaknya dah tertinggal.
Bapaknya dah lama naik bas.
Such a beauty!
We had a stop at Antwerp. 
In the bus, kami punya syok mengutuk mat salleh2 dalam bas tu, tiba2 rupa2nya ada sekeluarga org Malaysia, tegur kami dalam BM. Terperanjat berok kami... Teros lepas tu diam dan buat lawak pon slow1..Kalu x tu punyalah berdekah2, cm bas tu kami yg punya. We arrived at Brussels at  approximately  4pm in the evening. From the bus station, we bought the metro tickets to Schuman where our hotel is situated. Org Brussles ni jujur2 belaka. Takda sapa pon check tiket, tp semua org tetap belik tiket kat kaunter and self scan dalam train...Kalau kat Mesia cengini, habislah semua org naik train free hari2... kami belik tiket tapi x scan, so we reused the tikets on the next day... Kami dah rancang dah, kalu ada konduktor check, kami cakapla kami x tau....keh..keh..

Our hotel: New Hotel Charlemagne 
This Hotel was the nicest hotel of all the hotels i'd stayed while i was touring Benelux. Spacious room and cheap price. Even though it is not in the city center but the train travel is very efficient. U just take the metro and stop at Schumann. Dalam 5 stop from the city, if i'm not mistaken. Our hotel is next to the EU Building and opposite Euroflat. This is actually a tip to those who want to visit Brussels. If u're on a budget, go to Brussels on weekends as hotels in Brussels tend to reduce their price on weekends. This lovely hotel that i'd stayed cost a fortune on weekdays! I got the room for USD128 for 3 days 2 nights. Cheap, right? Hotel ni, jalan beberapa tapak dah jumpa Schumann metro. Ada 2-3 indian restauranta kat sini.. And, if u walk further down the street, there's a sundry shop that sells almost everything owned by a Greek man. We always go to that shop while we were there.
View from our room
That evening, we explored the neighbourhood  and watched the local kids playing football at the park.  The park was so serene and peaceful. Seronok lepak petang2 kat taman tuh...

Kat Brussels pon banyak basikal jugak....

Our neigbourhood


  1. Swonok nyeee kan? bile la nak start round Europe nih? ;p

  2. Hmmm...memang seronot... tp semalam AAX announced dah stop route to London dan Paris... Macam tipis harapan nak ke sana semula...

  3. Oh gosh bestnyaa the skies so blueee... farikica, nak tanya kan, you sewa basikal tak kat sana,.,. mcm best je cycling hehehe

  4. Fida, x lah..i jalan kaki ja, maklomla, kat KL kalu nak jalan kaki panas sesangat.. kat sana, jln kaki setakat 1-2 km tu, mcm relax aja... selain tu, saya naik tram n train..



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