Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Europe Trip on the Shoestring: Brussels

The next day, we woke up early and continued our exploration at the capital of EU, Brussels.  We bought the 1 day pass metro tickets that can last for 24 hours (4.50 euro). First thing first, we went to pick up our train tickets first. Sorry, i forgot the name of the collection counter.

In front of European Commission, sebelah hotel kami. Epal tu ambik kat reception kaunter. Segar bugar epal, dibuat
perhiasan..Eloklah diambil sebijik dua buat bekalan. 

EU Building

Hector Chicken, our big portion breakfast
Schuman Metro Station

Later, our next mission was to find halal food for breakfast. Entah mcm mana, we saw an advertisement in the metro when we were travelling after collecting our train tickets. "Hector, halal restaurant". Apa lagik, bergegasla ke Hector...Siap kasik alamat dan metro stop lagik... Perot yg memang dah lapar jadik bertambah bergurindam2.

After breakfast, or should i call it brunch, we ronda2 at St. Catherine. Nothing much, just strolling along the road. St. Catherine is known as the asian side of Brussels. A lot of continental shops there.

An old church... 

St. Catherine

Next, we took the metro from St. Catherine to Atomium, metro line 6 to Hayzel (if i'm not mistaken, it's the last stop). Naik HOHO pon boleh ke sini, tp for budget travellers like us, no need to venture our money into HOHO... Sdn Bhd aja.

Just outside the Metro

Near Atomium

Atomium. Dekat dalm bulat2 tuh ada kedai2. Restoren pon ada. Nak masok atas tuh kene bayar.
We all didn't go in. Cukup sekadar tangkap gambar kat luar. 

Info Center

Eye of Brussels!

Ada car boot sale. And when there's a car boot sale, there will be
dogs everywhere...I don't wanna be prejudice, but i just dislike dogs and
will feel very uneasy around them.
Lepas penat jalan2 kat Atomium, we went to Mini Europe. Actually, Mini Europe was to replace my unfinished business at Rotterdam where i missed my Madurodam trip. So, Mini Europe pon ala2 Madurodam jugakla. Here, u will see miniatures of interesting sights and icons of countries all over Europe. I like this place so much as the replicas are so cute and really resemble the real buildings. Some of the miniatures are interactive, for instance, the moving Thallys train, the moving Coke delivery van and so on. You will also hear songs from each replica.. Tp bila dah banyak2 lagu all at one place, it sounds awkward pulak. One thing, i want to remind u! Beware of the turtle mascot at the entrance..he can get really persuasive. He will drag u to take photos with him.. Biasalah, on the way out, will ask u to buy the photos.  I took a lot of photos here, in fact, i took photos with almost all the replicas. Couldn't help it, they are so cute. Tmpt ni  jugak ala2 Windows of the World di Shenzhen, cume di Shenzhen tu besar, yg ni kecik2...

The moving Thallys
Lori Coke ni pon bergerak tau

Rasa mcm giant plak...


Interactive game
After exploring Mini Europe, we went back to Brussels and visited the Grand Place. One thing, i noticed about the Grand Place was the chocolate stores. They are everywhere! I tried Belgian Choco, personally i thought it was bittersweet. X blh belik banyak2, mahal... Let's check out some photos @ the Grand Place.

The Grand Place

This way to the Grand Place... Kat tepi2 tuh penoh kedai chocolate 


Sinaran mentari di petang yg nyaman. Local Artists selling their artworks. 
Classic, isn't it?

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  1. tq visiting my travel blog! last time been in brusel stay near EU Commision.. rasa macam tak puas pusing2 Brusel..



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