Saturday, 4 February 2012

My Europe Trip on the Shoestring: Back to London

My 1st plan was to go to Zurich today by train. The time travel from Basel to Zurich is only 1 hour plus. However, i'd cancel the plan at the very last minute due to uncertain weather and i was also afraid i couldn't catch up with my flight back to London this evening. So, we decided to just stay at Basel. Actually, there are a lot of things to explore here such as the doll museum, army museum, river cruise, Basel Zoo and a lot of exhibitions. But, our CHF was running empty, so we decided just to check out the neighbourhood and did some souvenir shoppings.

After checking out, we had our brunch at Mcdonalds. Their McD had fruits as one of the options which was something different from our McD back in Malaysia. We bought the happy meal sets so that we got the free toys for our kids...:)

Cantik betul kediaman nih...

Nice neighbourhood with gardens full of flowers

Basel Aeroport
The 1st 2 hours....
At last we arrived at London Gatwick, sampai jugak akhirnya. The flight was fine. Ala2 AA aje Easyjet nih. Ada penjualan makanan on board. Tiket lotto pon ada dijual atas kapal. Took Easybus to London and checked in at Easyhotel Earl's Court. Easybus ni memang express. Kami sampai London cepat dari yg dijangka, within 1 hour.  Unlike NAt Express that will stop at many locations, this one goes straight to London. I suggest to the others who want to get to London, better take the Easybus. We bought the tix at the price of 2 pounds one way and stopped at Fulham Broadway. Tp skrg rasanya bus from Gatwick will stop at Earl's Court. So, no need to take an underground. Anyway, from Fulham, we took the underground to Earl's Court. Walked across the street and u'll see an ivory building where Easyhotel Earl's Court is situated. On our way to the hotel, singgah kedai takeaway Pakistan belik makanan. Sedaplah makanan kat kedai ni... Harga pon lebih murah berbanding di Victoria.

Di sinilah kami bermalam sebelum menunggu flight balik ke KL. Personally, i
prefer to stay here compared to Victoria as it's less hassle and easy access
to cheaper food. A pakistani take away is just around the corner and there's
a Tesco just a short walk down the street.
Star Kebab House, walking distance from the hotel. Nice food, big portion!
 Hari nak balik tu, kami sempat la jalan2 keliling London kejap. Pas tu, naik Nat Exp yang dah dibeli tiket awal2 online untuk ke Stansted. Bas ni memang betol lembab, dah la jalan jam, driver bawak mcm siput, die p plak ambik kawan die ntah kat mana pulak. Akibatnya, kami sampai lewat. Dah la kene naiki train bagai nak ke terminal pelepasan. Lagik 300m nak sampai ke kapal, nama kami dipanggil..keh..keh.. berlari2 bawak barang berbondong2... Masok aja kami dalam flight, boom, pintu kapal ditutup.. x sempat nak duduk! Kih..kih... seb baik x kena tinggal... Roll

Ni tengah cemas nih...
Begitulah serba sedikit pengalaman bajet kami ke Eropah. Banyak negara tak cover lagik nih..Will repeat in the near future. Perhaps 2013 or 2014, depending on the budget..kih..kih... AA pon dah stop laluan ke Europe, so have to find other alternative. My next Europe plan will be Turkey-Italy-Germany-Swiss-Scandanavian Countries. If i have extra budget, will repeat UK (Lake District and Scotland). Even though dah pernah ke Scotland, tp memang rasa nak pergi lagik...and Ireland too!


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