Thursday, 19 April 2012

Fontana Cafe

This post is dedicated especially to my colleague, Mis Misah yang senantiasa menunggu post2 baru :) Actually, ada banyak jugak tempat2 nak cerita but time is always not on my side...Very the bz....with marking..marking..marking... tp x pa, we take a break from marking for a while Valentine roses piano

A few weeks ago, during the last school hol if i'm not mistaken, i watched Jalan2 cari makan from Tiara Beach Resort. The theme at that time was burger. So, one of the cafes shown was Fontana Cafe and it seemed that the cafe is actually very near to my house. The add is: No. 7, Jalan Putra Permai 1A, Equine Park. The theme of the cafe is mainly OZ, i presume since they have plenty of wall decorations from OZ. The food was fine and i had no major complains. However, the drinks department needs to work out ways to serve faster. The food was fast, though. To me, price is reasonable...

There are many types of food to choose from until i didn't know which 1 to choose... They have burgers, snacks, mexican food and even Malaysian food like tom yam, fried rice, etc. Kiddy meals come with a main meal, a scoop of ice cream and an orange drink (air kotak tu).

The menu
After choosing and contemplating bla bla bla....

Penangan The Sims: Nacho with chili con carne - RM12.90

Fontana Burger, smaller n cheaper than OZ burger... Yang ini pon
x larat habis, inikan pulak oz burger. But, i'll try OZ burger one day - RM8.90

Yang ni..sirloin rasanya..lupa dah namanya...harga pon lupa

Fish n chips (kiddy meal)...not recommended.. soggy!
Juicy and succulent! 

Oz items for sale...Tp mcm x menarik la...

Overall, the place was ok..if u wanna hang out at a decent place with yr family, this could be the place... I will definitely come back to try other food as they have variety...variety...variety of food to choose from... Drawbacks: the place is small. I think the management needs to reconsider extending the place. Deco is not so outstanding and looks old...

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