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Walking Down the Memory Lane: Perth (Part 1)

Refer here for PART II, PART III and PART 4. TQ

In 46 days, I'll be in Gold Coast, Australia. Thinking of Australia, it makes me walked down the memory lane where my family and I had our 1st oversea trip back in 2007. It had been so long since my last oversea trip as I lost my passport and didn't bother to renew it.  Apparently, the process was very very very tedious. Perhaps, i'll WRITE about it when i have the time. Anyway, our destination was Perth. At that time, Air Asia didn't have any route to Perth yet. So, we went by MAS. Farah didn't go as she was so small back then and i'd been thinking it was pointless taking her along. [Well, even until today, she always blameS me for not taking her along]. No worry, i'll make it up 2 u, lalinx... with this upcoming OZ trip, yah!

Before departure

It was a short trip and the timing was bad...Maklumlah, tiket MAS promo... we arrived somewhere at midnight. The tix for the 3 of us +-RM3400. Touchdown was smooth and perfect. We didn't bring any food, so we didn't have to queue at the red lane. Took a cab to the city. Cab was about AUD 20 (at that time la, now may be more expensive). But, in 2007 the currency was much lower. It was about RM2.90 per AUD1. Sampai2, suhu memang sejuk as it was winter (June). Tp sejuk2 pon, x leh lawan la winter kat Europe or NZ but still sejukla to Malaysians. Hubby was a bit paranoid with the weather, maklumlah, his 1st encounter with this sort of weather while Faris pretty much enjoying himself with the change.

Perth is a laid back and peaceful city. It's such a charming city with vibrant people. The city is very organized and well maintained. If you are a city dweller, then i don't think Perth is the place for you. It's definitely not as happening as London, Paris or Sydney but I like it here, quiet and tranquil. City center pon kecik aja. In a few days, u dah boleh hafal dah jalan2 kat city tu. People like my husband can remember the route at the back of his head in no time and people like me, as usual, duduk sebulan pon x tentu ingat jalan lagik...

We stayed at Criterion Hotel. Nice and cozy hotel in the middle of the city centre. Criterion ni memang best in terms of location. CAT buses senang, makan halal ada dekat sebelah, souvenir shops, supermarket, fast food, Woolsworth, cinema, semua within walking distance. Pendek kata, x rugilah duduk sini. Harga pon berpatutan. I had emailed the hotel explaining that we would arrived late. So, we got our key and rest for the day.
Ni pagi waktu baru sampai masa kat depan hotel. ThE pix was unclear,
 hand was shaky as the wind was so strong sampAi ke tulanggg...
The next morning...
Happy 5th Birthday, Faris! It was Faris's fifth birthday:
We didn't realized that 4/6/2007 was a public holiday in Australia. So, locals were not working and most of the shops opened late. We woke up early and merayau2 searching for places to buy food. It seemed that there were plenty of muslim eating outlets nearby.

On the 1st day, we just pusing2 around the city on foot. T/hari sikit, we went to King's Park. Faris was so fascinated with the red bus he took at King's Park until he told me he wanted to become a King's Park bus driver when he grew up...[sigh...] Hmmm... at least better than Fizi in Upin Ipin who wanted to become a garbage collector..:) A lil info about Kin's Park: it is the largest central city park in the world and it offers stunning views of the city and Swan River, walk trails, picnic areas and many more.
Sekitar hotel kami...
Near Barrack St. Jetty.  From the hotel to our jetty was a bout 10m
walk aja... U can catch a ferry to the zoo from here. Kite org
hampir setiap hari lepak kat sini. Seronok tengok2 laut dalam
suasana yg sejuk dan nyaman..ahh...rasa mcm nak repeat Perth ni...:)

The Swan Bell Tower. One of the
largest musical instruments in the
world. Very near to the jetty. 
Just like other western countries, Perth has a lot of parks to offer. The parks are all very beautiful and well maintained. Memang x nampak sebutir sampah pon atas tanah...

'Us' under the oak tree...:)

Langley Park rasanya nih...

The flowers were blooming even though it was winter. Cantik!
Kat lorong ni lah kami jalan kaki untuk ke tepi laut/jeti.
Later in the afternoon...

War Memorial Park

King's Park

Another side of King's Park. King's Park ni sangat luas. Memang x larat nak habis jalan.
My Fav of ALL! Taken from King's Park during twilight overlooking Perth CBD. At that time of the year,
twilight was early. This was captured at 5pm.
Another snapshot from the park

~TO BE CONT....:)~


  1. I tak sampai OZ lagi. Best baca entry nih...Wahh jelesnya you all nak ke OZ lagii

  2. He..he..rozita, ke Perth ni dah lama memang best ke Perth, buat rasa nak ke sana lagik..x pa, kita pasang cita2 dulu..plan slow2..nanti boleh p...:)D mana ada kemahuan, di situ ada highway...

  3. Assalamualaikum Yong!
    Balas ziarah dan salam kenei. Tima kasih singgah dan follow blog akak.
    Ohhh kaki nyongket jugak ya. Akak ada sorang kawan baru jer dok Perth 2 bulan lepas buat Phd. Dia antar sms kata, "Aaaakkkkkkk, meh ler ke Perth yang bosan nih!" Ahhh sudah. Akak pu n kata nanti akak google dan check kalau bosan tak mau pegi. Tapi tengok gambar2 kat sini, it's a nice city tapi tak happening yaa? Kalau akak gi Perth pun sebab nak masak2 utk dia, budak tu kuat makan!

  4. He..he... w'salam...time kasih jadik follower saya..he..he.. memangla...kalau duduk tetap di sana mungkin akan bosan esp kalu dah biasa dok KL..kalau p jalan2 memang best.. saya tengah karang pasal part 2 ke rottnest island... saya suggest elokla akak try p sana.. AA pon selalu buat promo OZ..murah2 tiket..saya kalu ada kelapangan dan RM lebih, memang OK aja nak repeat Perth..pasal masa saya p hari tu, x sempat p luar Perth yg desert2 sand kata best...

  5. Haha comel gile atomen yg last tuh. Btw belom layak nk bace blog ni. Kuikuikuikui.. Jauh2 benau dah pegi nye. Saye newbie! Huk

  6. Jngn cakap cengitu...x lama lagik kompom akan jejak kaki punya..insyaallah...! Kalau dah nama tu kaki jalan, mcm mana cara pon kite akan usaha nak jalan2...kan..kan..:)



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