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Salam 1Malaysia to all. Today's journal is about looking a few years back where Farah had her 1st long haul journey with AA. At that time, she was 3 and her brother was 6. How time flies, it feels like it was just yesterday. After days of researching and discussing, we decided to take the kids to HK Disneyland for the coming holiday.  At that time, flight to Hk cost quite a fortune. So, we decided to land at Shenzen. At the same time, we also wanted to visit Shenzhen, so, why not we just kill two birds with one stone, right? Some people say that we do not have to take Chinese Visa to enter Shenzhen Industrial Zone but some say, you need the visa. So, to be on the safe side, we just made the double entry visa to Shenzhen... Senang cerita...!

We landed at Shenzhen Airport in the mid morning. Once we arrived in Shenzhen, we took the airport bus to Lou Wu where we could catch the train to Hong Kong. From the runaway to the terminal, we were fetched by a bus. Immigration was fast and we were at Lou Wu in no time. Even though it was December, the temperature was not that cold. I remembered it was about 19 degree celcius at that time. Once at Lou Wu, we bought train tickets to Hong Kong. Beware of the locals who offer you help with the luggage. I thought they were just helping us, well..the truth was, they were asking us for, we did pay them a few RMB. Kasihan jugakkan... after all they carried our heavy luggage up the staircase... I didn't mind paying them actually, but they needed to let us know beforehand.

From Lo Wu, we took MTR Island Line to Disneyland. We had a few transits as the journey was actually from one end to the other end. Unless u are coming from HK airport, journey to HK Disneyland is much shorter.  We had to change train a few times until we reached Sunny Bay where we could catch the MRT to Disneyland.   If u plan to stay longer  at Hong Kong, i suggest u to purchase octopus Card. It's like a touch n go card for public transport. It took us almost an hour to reach Sunny Bay.  The MRT to Disneyland is very special. It has cartoon character figurines inside the train. The windows are also mickey mouse like. The wall is also about Disney characters. All in all, everything in the train relates to Disneyland. My kids were already so fascinated with the MRT. Dah la mereka memang jakun naik MRT/LRT, naik pulak MRT yang full of characters, such as this one...memang la kejakunannya terserlah.

Top: At Sunny Bay MRT Station. Bottom: inside the MRT
When we arrived at Disneyland station, we took the free Disney Bus to the hotel. Again, my children were so fascinated and very excited (even an adult like me was also so excited, let alone the kids!) looking at the passage to Disneyland.

The 1st time we saw the hotel.....Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....!!! Bestnyerrrr...Wait till u go into the room... We always travel cheap. So, when we got to stay at a hotel as nice as this one, hmmm.... we didn't really know what to say...he...he..he...

Our room: everything is Disney

Around the hotel

Bumped into goofy
Outside the hotel. Behind the sign is the sea. Very nice to just walk in the morning or evening or just sit and relax
on the grass.
Disney Hollywood Hotel Merchandise shop. It was December, so Christmas
spirit was in the air. 
 Jom layan antique cars...

They have large pool and Malibu Toy House for the kids. The only drawback is they do not have halal eating outlet nearby. Either u bring food from home or you can just take the MRT to Jordan or Tsim Sha Tsui. There are a lot of halal eating outlets there.

The complimentary disney shuttle if u stay at any of the two hotels

The lobby

Waiting for the bus @ Disney Hollywood Hotel

The pool

The free locker near the pool

Malibu Toy House

P/s: Mind the quality of the photos. They were captured from my hp and also my camcorder. The minute we landed at Shenzhen Airport, the camera went hay wired [sigh...]

To be cont: HK Disneyland


  1. salam

    bapak siap meniarap bergambar atas kereta kuning tu hehehe

    kami masa kat hollywood hotel siap masak nasi guna travel rice cooker lawannya rendang brahim's dan sardin hehe

    sekarang cathty pacific ada buat promotions, buy 2 free 1 termasuk hotel sekali , rasa mcm nak pegi psl tak habis explore HK masa tu dulu

    1. Salam, terima kasih kerana singgah...saya x terpikir plak nak bwk rice cooker..he..he.. kalu tau, saya pon nak bwk..jenuh kami nak ke central nun nak carik makan..waktu tu dlm disneyland x da lagik halal rest..skrg dah ada rasanya...

      kalau ada kelapangan dan xtra rm, apa salahnya repeat...he..he..HK best gak.. orgnya pandai ckp omputih... x da la kite terbangak2 sgt...

  2. Salam Yong,
    macam sunyi Disneyland Hong Kong ni. Mungkin you all lari dr crowd?
    Mesti your kids suka sangat kat sini. Syurga kekanak!

    1. Kak Yong, hmmm...ada org, tp masa ni bukan peak season..peak season was after the 15th, i guess..dekat nk krismas tu...he..he.. bukan kekanak aja kak yong, yg tua ni pon excited x sudah...

  3. Hi ! Nice to know a passionate traveller =)

    1. hello..tq for visiting! Yup, that's me...i will be 1/2 crazy if i don't travel..ha..ha... travelling is a therapy, actually!

  4. Hi

    rome will be in a period rains in december (not too cold)..but that doesnt took away any charm..have fun in italy!

    ye betul..i pun gila berjalan hihi

  5. I pegi dalam bln feb..sunny tapi still cold. We all stay kat bed and bfast..nama dia armonia al opera. you can refer tripadvisor anytime..kadang tu i mcm addicted baca others experiences dlm tripadvisor hehe.

    U can email me if anything

    1. Thanxs 4 the email add... not going this year but planning next year.. the prob is, day time is shorter during it's like winter vs expensive expenses....[sigh] up, i used to read TA comments too.. in fact, i've written a few reviews myself...but now, i'm really addicted to travel blogs...:)

  6. If that so u can consider travel in march ( cuti skola). Siang ok juga takla pendek sgt. tapi i guess rome mmg mahal skit bila2 pun.. or dont u want to explore spain first? The weather is blissfull in december for the south spain. i always love south spain ( andalucia). From there u can extend trip to barcelona! U can read my blog about it. try to book from for accomodation.

  7. Here's my univ mate travel blog. best

    1. Thanxs Ernie, will check yr friend's blog..Yup, i've read yr Spain entry.. cuti bulan 3 x boleh... too short... we need at least 2 weeks to travel.. Planning not only to go to Rome but other cities as well... planning je ni.. blm booking apa2 lagik..he..he...:)



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