Monday, 14 May 2012

Walking Down the Memory Lane: Perth (Part 4) -Nak balik dah...

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The 5th day was our last day in Perth. Since our flight was at midnight, we still had ample time to jalan2... On that day, we didn't have any specific places to go. So, what we did was getting on and off the CAT buses and went to all the covered areas. We even 'lepak' at our favourite hangout for the last time, the Barrack Jetty..he..he.. baru duduk 5 hari dah ada fav hangout... Then, we went souvenir hunting at souvenir outlets around the city. Banyak jugak beli souvenir, part of it coz i wanted to finish up my AUD. Habislah segala mcm koala, kangaroo, penguin dibeli..  My hubby was searching for rugby jersey. I never knew he was a rugby fan. He never was! Just because he was in OZ, he became an overnight fan, i presume..he..he... At last, he did find his jersey but at the airport duty free shop....punyalah banyak kedai kat Perth tu, akhirnya kat airpot jugak....Anyway,  let's check out some of the random photos captured on our last day in Perth.

Top: Everyday in Perth was like in Malaysia, thanxs to this restaurant (nama dah lupa), but the price, x usah hengat..menangis nanti... Restaurant ni betol2 next 2 doors from our hotel. Owned by an Indonesian, but the chef was a Malaysian. Abang ni dok Bandar Tun Razak katanya. Don't know whether he's still working there or not. Bottom left: hubby checking his emails from M'sia at the hotel's lobby. Bottom right:Faris at the lobby, as usual, berangan x sudah...

The last night in Perth. The wind was
very strong that night.

Our fav hangout; the jetty (these were captured
on the last day of our stay)

We had no idea where we were. We just got off the CAT bus, lazing around and got on the bus again.

The other side of Perth CBD
Top: Papa's fav shop, bottom: faris's fav shop...

All in all, i do regret not going to the outskirts. It gives me a reason to repeat Perth one day. To tell u the truth, I myself do not know when will i step my foot at this city again, or perhaps that was the 1st and the last. In 24 days, I'll be going to the other part of Australia. I know Gold Coast and Perth are totally two different entities. 1 thing i know for sure, can't wait for my GC trip & will definitely blog about it once i come back! Till then, have a pleasant day!


  1. wow.. ur son look so chinese. hehehe.. nice reading the posts here and nice traveling with family

  2. Jard..tq for dropping by...he..he.. is that a compliment ah..? Yup, kids...! It's fun to have them around but sometimes it could be nerved wrecking also...;)

  3. hi farikica,

    alaahaiiiii...what a cute family! Read you stories about Aussies, mannn...when am getting the change to step on kangaroo's soil??..haha... and the best part u r heading there again!am so jelly! haha...

    btw, i've replied u comment on my blog. ;) enjoy!

  4. Hello Rayyan, TQ for stopping by... Really appreciate it...:) My blog belum setahun jagong pon... malu sebenarnya..hi..hi..AA is having lotsa promo on OZ destinations. Very hard to resist....I booked my tix..opps tickets (trying hard now not to use slang)last year during AA promo fare.

    Wokeh, thanxs..will check yr blog NOW....

  5. perth.. oh maiiii.. tahun depan lah baca entry ni.. kalau baca sekarang jeles pulak sayaaaa hahahaha.

    1. he..he..dekdaa..x pa, persiapan awal.. r u going next year?

  6. Tq..ur blog suit for me..for family vacation trip..keep blogging..



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