Friday, 1 June 2012

My Journey to Singapore - Arab Street

Hello All! Just came back from a short trip to Singapore. All i can say is, it was a short n sweet trip. To save budget, we set our so called based camp at Selesa Hotel. Considered a 4 star, but personally, i think it's just a 3 star hotel. Anyway, no major complains whatsoever.

Waiting patiently...It seemed that the bus was late this morning.. 
R n R 
Testing...testing...while waiting for Faris...

Charging my HP here while having lunch...

After checking in and refreshed ourselves, we quickly took a cab to CIQ and hopped on the CW2 bus to Queen Street. The journey was not that long since it was not a peak hour. However, the stamping of passport was tedious. Up and down, up and down... My 1st option was just to take a cab straight to Spore, but that means i would miss the fun of it... Actually, I had been to Spore a few times in my life but mostly by cars and a few times by train.
Going up to the 2nd floor for passport verification
View from CIQ. Cars queuing to be

This is the bus to Bugis. There are plenty of buses here for u to

FYI, the cab to CIQ will cost RM8 per cab (from Selesa n New York) and the bus trip to Queen St will cost u only RM2.50. From Queen Street, we walked to Arab Street which is very near. Our 1 st stop was Zam Zam Restaurant. Well, a trip to Spore will no be complete if one does not try the food here. Let's see what's inside the restaurant. Setting is very typical mamak/Indian Muslim restaurant. A lot of people were eating when we arrived, mostly tourists, i presumed.

With signboard as huge as this, U won't miss the restaurant!
Suji pudding with almonds

Newspaper article on the wall
Giant Menu with prices
Ni x da kat Msia
Top left: Mi grg basah yg x berapa nak basah (SD4),
 top right: deer murtabak - M size  (SD10),
bottom left n right: briyani beef n chicken (SD6)

 The murtabak has various sizes. For instance, the deer murtabak cost SD10 for M size and SD20 for large. That was the 1st time I tasted venison. The taste...? Similar to beef, i guess...may be tenderer than beef. Anyway, i can't really differ the taste as it was minced.  But, it was delicious...great!

I snapped this on my way down from the 2nd floor. More people
were flocking in...
Adjacent to the restaurant.
After eating, we just crossed the street to the other side and we ended up at rows of shops selling clothes, souvenirs, more restaurants, etc. We just stopped for a while to buy souvenirs.

I think that's all for now. Click HERE for my journey to the Merlion.Ta!


  1. Wow... I went to Singapore when there's a conference there but never stayed there. Hope to visit soon to Universal Studios tho. sigh

    1. Hi Jard...Yeah, mine was a short trip.. 2 days, 1 night only...I went to USS. Will blog about it later. U should go, dear...:) But, don't ever go on a weekend..It's a suicide!Ha..ha...

  2. salam kenal..

    seronok gak kan sesekali ke sana. i miss spore. esp kat sentosa island. masa kecik2 sellau ke sana. org Johor lah katakan. family pun ramai duk sana..

    1. Hi Azian..TQ for dropping by... I think it's about time u give Spore a revisit...:) A lot of changes in the past few years... jalan raya pon dah bertambah2 pon dah bertambah2 ramai...

  3. Already 2 times going there..not fully covered..maybe will going again :)

    1. Hi Zila...Samalah.. x penah abis cover semua pon... Have u been to USS?


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