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Hi again! Will continue my journey at USS. Tengah semangat betol skrg ni, maklomlah cuti sebulan. Need to complete this be4 my GC trip....:) If u wanna check the post on Sci Fi & Ancient Egypt, pls click HERE.

So, after having fun at Ancient Egypt, we rushed to Oasis Spice Cafe. Oasis is one of the halal restaurants inside USS. We won't be starving at USS as there are a few halal dining outlets here such as Oasis @ Ancient Egypt, Goldilocks @ Far Far Away and Mel's Drive In @ Hollywood. My reason for earlier lunch was to avoid the big crowd at 1pm.
Inside Oasis Spice Cafe
So, what's for lunch today?

Top: Deserts and kiddy meals prices. Bottom: Combo sets. Prices for
combo sets vary but for kiddy set is the same, SD9.90. There are
3 options for kids' meals. 
This is combo no 3 which cost me SD13.80. Even though it's a combo set,
but it doesn't come with drinks. Drinks are sold separately [sigh]

The kiddy meal. It comes with free Milo drink and
that cute woody lunch box. I think this one
is a value for money buy. 
Since the set lunch doesn't provide us with
drinks, so I bought this cute tumbler for SD6.99
 (with drinks, refill is SD2). Cecilia bought the same
tumbler at non-halal discovery food court for only SD3.99... Arghhhhhh,,,,
The taste?
To me, it's tasty enough...

The price?
For a theme park, YES, very fair enough...

Everyone was full & ready to ramble!

At the front entrance of Jurassic Park
Which way u wanna go...

Popcorn anyone?: This popcorn van attracted my attention. So cute..:)
Once we're full, we went straight to the Lost World.  The most famous ride here is the one and only Jurrasic Park Rapids Adventure where we venture into a round river raft through Jurrasic Park setting. So, during the ride, a lot of dinasours will welcome u with their roars.U will get wet on this ride! So, it is advisable to bring your own raincoat. However, there are a few vending machines selling raincoats nearby the Jurrasic ride. I bought mine at Mydin for RM1 each, disposable one. Guardians also sells one at RM3 each.  I didn't snap any photos here as i kept my camera in the bag. Q was ok, about 15 minutes. There are lockers for u to put yr bags here. Putting yr bags in the locker is advisable but not compulsory, unlike Revenge of the mummy and battlestar, where u're not allowed to bring bags. I tell u what u can do, just put yr bag in between your legs (on the floor) and cover it with your raincoat.
This photo is courtesy of
I like the ending where the raft went up and suddenly stopped. Through the ceiling,  a dinosaur poked its head  and roared at us. The raft subsequently fell down a slope, and we got drenched. An automatic camera will snap your screaming action from the ceiling and u can buy it for SD18.

Very satisfied with Rapdis Adventure, we continued to explore the other ride. We skipped the Dino-Soarin as we thought it was just like any other ordinary fun fair rides.  We went to Canopy Flyer and the waiting line was 50 minutes, the longest so far. So, without further ado, we opted for a single rider. Who cares whether u can ride together as a family or with a stranger? So, in no time, I was already on the Canopy flyer, screaming with  my new partner..ha..ha..

Waiting for our turn @ Canopy Flyer
 My turn. I was the 1st to go. The rest were still waiting.

Waterworld stunt show is scheduled a few times a day. We missed the afternoon one, so we decided to come back for the 4.30 show. When we arrived there at 4.30, there were already so many people. Aini and Faris wanted to sit in front and they already knew that sitting in front meant soaking wet. Meanwhile, Acu, Ustaz & I sat at the brown bench so that we’ll be dry... There are 3 colour coded benches for u to choose.  Brown, blue and green. Each colour indicates the degree of wetness u’ll encounter during the show. Anyway, the show was superb! It’s more or less similar like the Waterworld movie on TV except this one is shorter.  Let’s look at some of the photos taken from the show.

Pintu gerbang tersergam indah...

This way to see Waterworld
Look at all the people... No wonder the main street was so empty.
Scenes at Waterworld
The climax 
Partly wet, not really soaked as she sat at the side. Still in front but at
the side. 
I will recommend this show to all who come here. It's a MUST watch show...K, guess I'll stop here. Will continue later. Bye


  1. paling tak tahan time ni ialah time aku tggu nak naik rapid adventures tuh almost 3jam ok duk tggu!!! hampeh yg amat. pasni kalo pegi mmg taknak naik dah...biasa2 je. okla not bad jugakla. tp part beratur tu, ya ampun....panas, melekit, sume ada lah! hahaha

    1. Aku memang salute la korang sumer, sungguh bersabar dngn waiting line yg cengitu rupa... Memang semangat yg kental...! Kalu aku rasanya, alamat x naikla apa2 ride pon, aku akan dok bersidai je kat tepi2 sambil nengok org...keh..keh... Agaknyelah kan..menjelang USS tutup, mcm2 bau ada agaknya..keh..keh..ikan masin, ikan sardin sumer ada...ha..ha...!

  2. hehe.. next time klu gi.. bawalah aku sekali ek..

    1. ke..? I didn't know u want to join..memang ada tempat kosong hari tu.. pasal ada 2-3 org last minute cancel... x pa, next time, kalu ada trip, i will pm u, ya..? and u too, kalau ada any interesting trips, habaq2 la kat kami...

  3. hohoho..sampai dah ke uss...amacam?? terbaekkan?? panjang x beratur masuk transformers

    1. Ya dah sampai...! Hang Dhamin oii... kite x mainla berator panjang.. Transformers 5 minit ja... naik 3-4 kalik lagik..he..he..leh baca kat post USS yg 1st...My fav was Spielberg's action stunt, the best!

    2. mcm mana bleh cepat?? xadil...hahahhaha

    3. Ha..ha.. i guess u already knew the answer, right? ni mesti time ko pegik, kene berator lama..kan..? Actually, aku pon ada baca2 gak kat blog2 pasal tips n tricks kat USS. So, berbekalkan pengalaman semua org tu lah,rata2 suggest, bila masok, terjah transformers dulu... tp waktu aku p, org x ramai, menjelang pukul 5 ptg, transformers tu memang dah x da org.. 10m ja waiting line...

  4. Looks like a fabulous theme park... There were so many places to enjoy and have a great time... Looks like your food purchases were reasonable. So many food places at theme parks are extremely expensive... Glad you and your family had a good time!

    1. Tq Betsy..yes, most of the food at theme parks are extremely expensive and not tasty at all....:) I was so fascinated looking at all the plush toys and souvenirs sold too but i told myself not to even touch those things...just concentrate on the rides....:)



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