Thursday, 19 July 2012


Exploring Surfers Paradise on foot is a fun activity itself. If u're staying at Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise is just a walking distance. Not only that, u'll have everything at a walking distance too... Bus stops, duck tour, restaurants, parks, shops, the beach, u name it! So, after leaving the Observation Deck, we walked to Surfers Paradise. Dengan cuaca yang cukup cantik hari tu, we walked along the sea...Tp laut tutup (i mean surfing is not allowed) hari tu coz the waves and currents were very strong and it was not advisable for surfing...Tp ada jugak 3-4 kerat umat yg berdegil dan telah dipanggil balik oleh life guard. Our plan was to buy food at Baha's (our favourite eating place) and berpicnic di tempat2 duduk yg disediakan....

While we were walking...
Picnic by the sea

You will see this large bench (is that what u call it?) along the pedestrian
walkway. Ada banyak...selang  100m  ada satu...
I can sit here and stare at the sea forever!
Look at the wave!

Skyscrapers by the sea. Mostly hotels and service apartments!

Look at that girl! memang fav die main pasir... unlike the brother, he dislikes all the dirty things...
People having a stroll at the beach
Other photos of Surfers Paradise...

Activities u can do at Surfers Paradise

The famous Maharani Restaurant...

After a few hours at the beach, we went souvenir shopping. We shopped at one of the plenty souvenir shops there. It is owned by a Malaysian. I didn't go to many shops to compare prices as I didn't have the time. So, we bought all our souvenirs at that shop only.

Posing la pulok...
Last but not least, we stopped by at HRC to buy our t-shirts and hubby took a photo with this very friendly Hard Rocker!

HRC Surfers Paradise from the outside. This was taken on other day. 
We were back home at about 4 and despite the chilly weather, my children still wanted to swim [sigh]. Mereka berenang dari cerah hinggalah gelap hari...Adoila...!

While they were swimming, I took the opportunity to snap a few photos from the pool. 
Public Pontoon is just behind the apartment. 
To tell u the truth, memang agak malu jugak dengan mat2 dan minah2 salleh
kat bar tu sumer... Punyalah sejuk hari, budak2 ni berenang2 mcm kat Mesia
aja... sampai ada sorang makcik tu tanya.."x sejuk ke..?" (lps di translate)

That's about it for today. The next day was our last day in GC and we'll be going to MovieWorld... Yay!!


  1. Menarik. Pantai yg cantik. Saya lama tinggal di Australia, tapi tak sampai2 lagi ke GC. Farikica bertuah!

    1. NA tinggal kt area mana..? entahla, to me, visiting a place is different than staying there...saya x rasa saya akan enjoy kalu migrate sini..he..he...kalau p jalan2 saya suke la...

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