Thursday, 25 October 2012

Manila (part 3)...Taal Volcano

Today was the highlight of our trip to Manila...Going to Taal Volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world. I think not many people know about this small volcanic island. I 1st heard about it when i was reading and googling leisurely one day... We started our journey at 5 am in the morning. Our driver, Jon Jon picked us up at the hotel. the journey was smooth as there were less cars on the road since it was a Sunday and we departed very early in the morning. Manila is just like our Sabah & Sarawak...early daylight and early twilight. Bofore I proceed any further, as always...a lil info about Taal volcano and its surrounding, taken from

Taal volcano is located in the southern part of Luzon in the Philippines. It is about 50km from the capital, Manila. Right in the center of the island is the main crater that holds a sulfuric lake. It is famous for having an island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

The smoke from the mountain. Captured this when I was in the car heading to Tagatay.
6.30 am in the morning.This was the place where we were going to hop on our boat to Taal.
We paid 900 peso (rm68) for the whole trip from the mainland to Taal, that was inclusive of the ticket to the volcano and the horse ride. From my reading, it is safer to book your trip with Taal Yatch Club. The journey to the island is about 30 minutes boat ride. The wind was blowing gently and the area was so calm and peaceful...seronok sangat! U don't get that kind of atmosphere at Bukit Jalil eh....
We met Paul, the representative from Taal Yatch Club here.
The boat that took us to the other side
The journey to the island took about 30 minutes by boat.
Some of the sights captured from the boat. The island covers an area of 23 km2 with 47 different
overlapping cones and craters.
Sunshine rising @ Taal Volcano. This was 6.40 in the morning

We had arrived!
The local was bathing the horse at the lake
A large sign welcomed us to the place

The tourist information center. I didn't go in as it looked so deserted and unwelcoming... But, don't listen to me...
perhaps u might find something useful inside there...

This way to the mountain...

U can either opt to hike or hire a horse to get to the top. According to my guide,there are about 300 horses available for the tourists. We were assigned one guide for each horse.

U can feel the heat when u gallop with yr horse near the smoke...And, u can sense the smell
of sulfur too... 

MBR on his horse...:) 
At last, we reached the top of the mountain... No words could describe my happiness at the moment.. I had plenty of photos of me n my friends for our private collections... So, i just show u a few photos of the lake and the small volcanoes... cukup eh?

Breathtaking scenery at the diluted form of sulphuric acid lake... It reminded me of Tangkuban Perahu, only it had no sellers forcing u to buy their stuff...
Another angle 

Melayan perasaan...:)
According to the history, there was a huge eruption in the past where it sealed Taal Lake from the sea. As a result, the water in the lake has became non-saline.

Tee for Two, Anyone? 
The locals: Poor families have settled on the island earning their livings through tourism, fishing
and also farming. 
After an hour or so, we started galloping downhill... Stopped by at the stall for some drinks and also souvenir la...what else...?

Coconut juice...not so tasty, i presumed the coconut was already old...

Some of the t-shirts sold here...Very cheap..150  peso each (rm12). Kid ones are cheaper.
 The quality is good. X luntur pon when i washed it for the 1st time...
* U can also stay overnight at Tagatay, the nearest village. There are plenty of guesthouses and resorts for a decent stay.


  1. Hi There, Looks like you all had a wonderful trip... That Taal Volcano looks so interesting. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us.

    1. u're welcome, Betsy! thanxs 4 stopping by....

  2. Salam Farikica..sib baik nekcik tak ikut..kalau tidak..habis longgar lutut weii!!!
    salam aidil adha ye!!!

    1. Salam Nekcik...he..he... lutut kite x longgar, lutut kuda yg longgar...:) same here, salam aidil adha... semoga apa yg kita lakukan diberkati Allah swt.

  3. Wow!!! bestnya...adventure. Kami gi melancong tak merasa adventure2 mcm ni...

    Cuma sekali je rasanya semasa ke gua batu kapur bwh tanah di Roturoa di New Zealand dulu. Berada di sana seperti berada di alam kubur....senyap sunyi, menakutkan sampai takde bahasa yang keluar dari mulut masing2. Itupun kita tak tau mcmane dallam kubur. Rasa2 mau mau bot tu bawa cepat2 keluar dari situ....


    1. Never been to NZ tp memang ada dlm wishlist saya tu...he..he... saya pernah masuk ke gua yg kegelapannya 7x kegelapan biasa (according to the guide), tp di malaysia aja... memang sangat gelap dan seram...

  4. Elok je horse tu mndi dlm lake tuh.. Huhuhuhu.. Salam aidiladha sis n famly :)

    1. Tq FM...salam Aidiladha 2u2...:) Haah..berkubang..memang tiap2 pagi mandi, kata mereka..

  5. keadaan sini nampak cam lake toba kat medan..

  6. iye ke..? x leh komen coz x pnh lagik ke lake toba...he..he... mungkinla coz dua2 pon tasik kan...

    1. mcm lake toba tu suasana suram dan sepi gitu..amat tenang sekali. Udara fresh..lake toba tu atas puncak bukit..ada jugak tmpt nak tgk gunung berapi atas saya silap tak turun tgk dari kereta selepas supir tu sampai area tu sebab mulanya dia ckp tmpt air panas..saya tak minat la. Lepas berlalu dr tmpt tu bru dia cter ada nampak lava kt tmpt tu...hehehe



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