Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ho Chi Minh City - Day 3 (enhanced version)

On the last day, I did my shopping to buy some souvenirs and stuff for my kids and friends back home. I went to An Dong and Ben Tanh market. The markets are more or less similar to the markets in Indonesia and China. Aktiviti hari ni memang dinanti2kan oleh cik akak2 dan cik adik2 kita ni sumer...for me, yg bukan kaki belik brg ni, just went there to see the place, bought whatever i wanted and ran away to other places.. Bahaya tempat2 cengini... Boleh menipiskn purseee....:) Tp telekung kat sini memang berkualiti dan murah. So, if u ever come to HCM, p lah belik telekung... my friend went to a shop selling telekung, tp x pasti plak di mana...

Bergambar dngn gang baru..he..he..kat depan An Dong Plaza
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Durian pon ada jual gak...
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Top: Pintu gerbang An Dong.
Bottom left: beli2 souvenir, bottom right: kasut kulit buaya
yg dijual di An Dong. katanya ori...
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Aerial view from An Dong
Mcm2 lah jual kat sini..Kain, leather goods, antiques..lebih kurang mcm Ben Tanh juga...  Lepas An Dong, kami p Ben Tanh pula...

On the way nak ke Ben Tanh... Kami jalan kaki ja dari hotel.
Ben Tanh Market. Similar to An Dong. Sellers at Ben Tanh speak
good English, not like at  An Dong. Tngkla kain2 tu..
Yg ni makcik thank u nama die.. Coz die asyik cakap tq w/pon
kita x belik....
After checking out of the hotel , just to kill our time, we  went to snap some photos at the ever famous post office and the cathedral. My husband also sent a postcard to my son back in Malaysia.

The Cathedral (adjacent to the post office)
Photo with the funny stamp lady
The busy post office. This post office is very special as it also sells
all sorts of crafts and souvenirs including handbags, key chains and 

even toys. It's just like a mini Ben Tanh market. Prices are 
quite cheap. In fact, one of the bags i bought at 'pasar malam' was 
slightly more expensive than the one i found here.  Exactly the same bag...:( 

Statues at the post office

Sending postcard to Faris

World map inside the post office
Uncle Ho@post office
The clock outside the post office
 It was time to go home. I was a bit sad as I did not have the chance to try the Mekong Trip.  "Well, I  can always come back in the future."   All in all, I could say that my trip to HCM City was a memorable one. It allowed me to get to know our neighbouring country and its diverse history and culture. It also taught me to be thankful to God and be grateful of what we have.  In addition, I get to know my friends better.  There's  so much to share and they are good people who share the same passion as me, 'TRAVELLING'. I guess, we should give the credit to Air Asia too as it helps us to reach farther destination in the grasp of our hands.
Safely landed at Sepang. Waiting for our bags full of stuff we bought at HCM


  1. I bookmark yr N3 about this place. INSYALLAH nak pegi nanti. boleh share info.

  2. hehehe.. aku gi tahun lepas klu tak silap ke Ho Chi Minh tapi malas nk update pasalnya sbb ikut office trip. =P

  3. @Kak yan: HCM best..kalu yg suka shoppin'2, lagikla best..he..he..

    @ Jard, nape malas2 neh..? babab kang...;) u're going to India eh..? Have fun...

  4. teringin jugak nak datang sini, hehe...boleh wat rujukan nanti.

    eh..esok dah nak pergi instanbul ker?bestnyer...

  5. teringat tiket yg dh kene burnt aritu bulan9 kot. aku pn dh lupa. hehehe tp insyaALLAH sampai jugak aku nnnt.

    1. x pa, AA sentiasa promo..cuma cuti kita ni aja yg masalahnya..kan..kan... u should go.. best HCM!

  6. Telekung mmg banyak kan jual kt hcm. My mom siap pg rumah org jhit telekung kt sana hahqha

  7. Salam Farikica...nak kna penuhkan tabung ayam lah...

    1. salam nekcik, hcm dekat ja...sekejap ja penohla tabung nekcik...:)

  8. wah..bestnya..insyallah Mac kita kesana



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