Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Greetıngs from Istanbul

Hello all...ı guess most of u have already known where am I... And I am stıll here. Wıll do the update later. Bye...


  1. wow! best yeh~~~ one of my current travel list. Hope to go there someday. Looking forward for your posts. Anyhow, enjoy your trip =D

  2. laaaa ko dah kat sana ke? tak perasan! been busy lately! papepun... habe fun!!!!

  3. Alhamdulilah sampai suda ye..ok happy holiday and take care.....oh nostalgianya!!

  4. baru tgk istanbul aku dtg..mmg best tmpt tu..haish saya bila lah lg nak sampai..hehe..sure hapi giler nih!!

  5. sekarang ni tengok, banyak citer yang berlakon dekat istanbul macam taken 2 & skyfall, t'tunggu2 pulak ko nyer citer dekat sini, hehe...have fun!

  6. Assallammualiakum...
    Have fun in Istanbul dear.. I love this country, do try their street food, simply dealicious!!!

  7. how's weather in Istanbul now? have a wonderful journey..please share some photos..teringin nak tengok :)

  8. as salam...

    have a great trip & enjoooooyyyy....!!! been dreaming to jejak kaki ke sana jgk satu hari nanti...

  9. Hi all! TQ for the kind wishes...Yup, i'm back n still terangau2 istanbul..ha...ha... @Fatt: weather was still fine not too cold, perhaps coz still in the early winter, unlike other parts of europe, dah snowing dah...@Ayu, I did try some of the local delicacies but not all la...x sempat...nice but don't think i wanna eat that every day..:)...@zila n mulan, u'll be there, one day..pasang angan dulu..he..he..

    1. Dear, i sampai sebulan dok angaukan Istanbul.. hahaha.. kalau ada rezeki lebih, memang nak pegi lagik sebab tak sempat naik Bosphorus Cruise tu..


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