Sunday, 28 January 2018



Budapest is a very beautiful city... At night, the view is much more beautiful than the day time... Stunning! The buildings are illuminated with fascinating lights.

So, petang tu, kami bergenti makan di area synagorgue, ada kedai muslim... lepas tu kami ingat nak solat dan terus ke Citadel tp apakan daya kita hanya mampu merancang sahaja... masa x sempat.. jadi kami terus balik ke hostel dengan bas HOHO after late lunch.

Lepas maghrib, group kami berpecah tiga. One group decided to finish up their forinc at utca street, the other group decided to join the night river cruise while the other group yg paling win....!

I was in the group that decided to go for the night cruise. Memang tak rugi pegi... memang sangat cantik... We were awed and fascinated by the beauty of the baroque buildings at night. The buildings really transformed.

Tempat naik cruise sama macam siang tadi... di pier 8A. Kami jalan kaki aja, dalam 10 minutes. Very safe, dont worry! 4 of us actually. The night was very cold and chilly ... perhaps around 3 degree celcius, di tambah pula dengan angin sungai, very wind chill!  It was very cold but bearable if in lots of warm clothes..

The cruise lasted for 1 1/2 hours. Come, let's look at the photos of the very admirable and fine baroque buildings that we managed to snap in the chill weather.  Please ignore the quality of the photos as our hands were all shaky due to the cold weather..hahaha...
All my photos were taken from my Samsung S8... x pakai kamera canggih2 pon...huhuhu....

The bridges...

Even though the night was cold but it was clear... Look at all the stars... My personal fav building, The Parliament!

The castle district from afar...

And last but not least...

'Us' di celah2 umat yang lain, kesejukan....:) Ada banyak lagi gambar kami atas cruise tp semua ala2 malap coz x
cukup lighting....;)
This was a night to remember! Even though in cold weather but no regrets! In fact, we were glad we went for this trip. The view? priceless and unforgettable...


  1. whoah budapest! manyak shiok!

  2. perghhhhh
    cantik gila castle tu

  3. Cantiknya Budapest.. Sayang jgk tak sempat ke sana Dec baru ni sbb masa sgt singkat..

    1. Next year blh p Mulan...hihihi... sambung yg last year....

  4. Dalam wish list ni....ada cruise malam lagi..bestnya

    1. Ya agak sejuk bulan Oct... Kalau dec mungkin lg beku...hehehe.. bdk2 suka ni...



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