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Walking Down the Memory Lane: Perth (Part 2) - Rottnest Island

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On the 3rd day of our Perth trip, we went to Rottnest Island... Ha...this island is very special... memang special...  It is an A class reserved island where it's free from any pollution. U can't drive on the island..the only vehicle is the bicycle. However, there are  small buses to take the tourists around the island.. Itu aja kenderaan berasap yg ada.. x banyak pon, ada 2 ke 3 bas kecik aja... when i was there last time, there were not so many accommodation options, but now, i think there are more places to stay overnight. Pulau ni memang cantik..Walaupon x banyak sangat the environment was superb! Waktu kami p, angin memang bertiup sejuk sampai ke tulang. During summer, tourists can swim at the sea but since it was winter, i didn't see anyone swimming on the island. You can also do other water activities there such as scuba diving and snorkeling.

From Perth, we took a bus to Fremantle. And, from there, there's a ferry service to Rottnest. U can even take train from Perth to Fremantle. Our bus journey was about 1 hour. Upon arrival at Fremantle, jalan2 sat... Had our breakfast and took the 11am ferry to Rottnest. We bought the tix at Hillary Boat Harbour. Traveling time to Rottnest from Fremantle took us another half an hour. There's also a ferry service from Barrack St Jetty straight to the island.

Fremantle is situated 19km from Perth. The port of Fremantle lies where the Swan River meets the Indian Ocean. What's famous in Fremantle? Besides its fish  n chips, Fremantle is famous for its market selling crafts, clothes, fruits and vegetable.

Fremantle Visitor Center.

Fremantle tram tours: only operated during the weekends
and public hols.

Faris n daddy at the car park near the jetty @ Fremantle

Fremantle city center, kecik aja town ni...  Terkilan rasa, x dapat
cuba the famous fish n chips  here.. x sempat, pasal feri dah
nak jalan time tu

In the ferry. Luckily this boy didn't puke. 

Sampai2 di Rottnest, terpegun sekejap..memang sangat cantik pulau ni... it's a simple island basically with its own personal attraction. Kami pon apa lagi.. snap gambar sana-sini before going to the tourist info center. Without hesitation, we chose the bus tour instead of bike tour. I didn't think i had the guts to cycle... We even took brochures and maps on the island. There were people who prefer to just walk and enjoyed the scenery of the island. The weather was nice with the cold wind blowing... rasanya antara banyak2 hari, hari ni lah yg paling sejok... Faris on the other hand, was so happy playing with the wind. Jom jalan2 tengok gambar kat Rottnest Island nih...

Welcome to Rottnest Island

Scenery @ Rottnest

Antara binatang2 yg terdapat di sini...Gambar atas kanan tu merupakan sejenis binatang bernama kuoka.
Kuoka ni memang banyak terdapat kat sini... Kaki kecik mcm tikus tp badan lagi besar dari tikus/sebesar arnab.

The tour bus has a few stops. We were given 20m - 1/2 an hour for each stop. Below was one of the stops near the sea. The sea water was so crystal clear. To tell u the truth, i had never seen sea as beautiful as the one i saw in Rottnest. Warna die mcm hijau campur bluish sket...

Look at the sea...Fabulous! Can u spot Faris in the pix?

More poses... If u had an umbrella with u, u could be Marie Poppins

At the other stop of the island... Left: the lighthouse, top right: Faris sulking and bottom right: me!

Crystal clear water..but it was freaking cold....

The deep blue sea

After the tour ended, we stopped by at the supermarket for some drinks. There was also a souvenir shop near the supermarket. Biasalahkan, minum2 dan makan epal aja.. nak makan lain, x halal... Then, went to the souvenir shop for some postcards and souvenir yg mcm snowball tu... Later, we snapped photos kat tepi2 jeti while waiting for our ferry back to Fremantle. We followed the same route back to Perth CBD. One thing i liked about riding the bus was the scenery. We could see the housing area nearby. Very neat and cute! Rumah sepesen aja with small garden!

Papa control sejukkk...

Dah x larat dah budak kecik ni... Mana x nya, he was running
 here n there without any specific purpose...
God knew what he was chasing after...

We were back in Perth in the evening. As usual, singgah makan kat kedai abang sebelah Criterion Hotel tu and lepak2 for the day...

Frankly speaking, i love this place. It makes u feel peaceful and relaxed. Walau mcm mana kusut pon, bila dtg sini, kompom boleh relaxxxx.... 

P/s:: Why green border? To show the environmentalist side of me..ha.ha..! Will be continued in part 3 - Caversham Wildlife Park


  1. Salam Yong,
    Memang cantik dan tepelihara pulau tu. Paras environemntal consciousness di kalangan rakyat Oz amat tinggi. Sejarah pun diorang jaga dgn baik. Harap jd contoh di Msia.

  2. Salam Kak...yup..not even a single litter on the ground...Memang kagum... Kita kat Mesia ni, cuba pasang KPI jernihkan Sungai kat masjid jamek tu supaya boleh buat river cruise kat situ... baru kelass kan..kan...

  3. Hello There, What a neat island... I'd love to visit Rottnest Island... In our country, we have an island off of the coast of Georgia (Cumberland Island) which is similar to Rottnest. In order to get to Cumberland Island, we have to ride a boat. There are no homes or buildings on this island. It's totally inhabited by wildlife... When I visited there many years ago, I felt like I was in another world. LOVED it...

    Thanks for a great post with wonderful pictures.

  4. Dear Betsy, Thanxs for dropping by... How i wish i can visit US one day..:)I think i need more than a month to cover the whole fact, more than a month.. Yup, from yr blog, i've learnt that u really enjoy the nature...



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