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Walking Down the Memory Lane: Perth (Part 3) - Caversham Wildlife Park

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A visit to OZ is not complete if u don't see the  kangaroos. In fact, OZ and the roos are an item. Therefore, on the 4th day of our visit, we went to Caversham Wildlife Park. It was a bit out of the city. I didn't remember which bus to take but i remembered we had to change the bus once before reaching Whiteman Park. Caversham is actually situated in Whiteman Park. A land rover had already waited for us there and drove us in.. U could walk if u want to but i suggest u just hop on the rover and u'll be at the park in no time. Kat sekitar park tu ada jugak mcm2 aktiviti lain..Contohnya, boleh snap2 gambar kat kereta antik, ada playground for the kids, sports facilities and so on. On the day we went there, the weather was not so OK as it was drizzling on and off.

Waiting for the bus

A lil info about the park, taken from its website:

David & Pat own and operate Caversham Wildlife Park with their children, David & Debbie. When they purchased the park in 1987, the park housed a small collection of animals and birds on a modest 5 acre (2ha) property. A few years later, the park doubled in size, when the family purchased the adjoining property and the collection started to boom. In May 2003, the family designed and built a new park in Whiteman Park, once again, more than doubling in size. 

The park now features about 200 species, and more than 2000 head of animals, birds and reptiles; most housed in a walk-through environment. The park is the premiere development of its kind in Western Australia, attracting visitors from all over the world. Such is the park’s status, that some of its breeding programs are officially recognised by Australian Zoos. David regularly exchanges animals and birds with other parks and zoos, for breeding purposes and to add to the Caversham population. The park has bred its own wombats, Tasmanian devils, koalas, grass owls and cassowaries, which is a significant achievement for a privately owned park. 

The park is divided into 6 main areas: North East, kangaroo enclosure, south west, Molly's Farm, north and south east. Without further ado, let's look at some of our photos taken @ Caversham...

Kangaroos are everywhere
More kangaroos

Some of the other animals...camels, rabbits, llama, sheep and many more. U can feed the animals and ride the camel (for a fee)

Koala pon ada..U can  hold and snap photos with the koala for free.

Kangaroo yang  sedang bersantai-santai

Mcm reti tengok map... tengok map pon upside down... gaya je lebih...

We didn't watch the show as it was raining. After 1/2 a day at Caversham, we went to Guildford for food. Memang sangat lapar waktu tu... Guildford is a small town near Caversham Park.

On the way back to Perth, we took the train, just to try something different. The train system here in Perth is very efficient.

Top: Train Station @ Guildford, Down: We were already in Perth Train Station
The train station to our hotel was just a walking distance. We stopped by at plenty of shops before we went back to the hotel. 

For those who are interested to go to Caversham, this is the address:

Caversham Wildlife Park

Whiteman Park

Lord Street


Tel: 08 9248 1984

GPS: Pls type Lord Street, Whiteman, 6068 OR Beechboro Road, Whiteman, 6068

This is the map to Caversham, courtesy of


  1. Salam Yong,

    Patttig hewan mesti satu highlight utk kekanak!

  2. aku nak pergi perth Khamis nie..excited ...! huhuhuhuhu

  3. Hang Dhamin... Iye ke..? That's good. Perth is beautiful, u'll love it! Aku x sempat nak ke bahagian2 outskirt pon masa trip yg ni...

  4. Kak Yong, Yup, u're right! But my girl every time tengok gambar ni, die mesti complain pasal x bawak die...

  5. salam

    ada lagi tak sekor wombat kat situ , nak bergambar kena dukung dia , bau busuk pasal dia tak mandi hehe

    bapak 2 kali pi perth dating sama mak itam hehe

    suka suasana perth yg tak sibuk dan flight pun tak lama sangat penerbangannya

    1. x perasan la ada gak la org yg berator2 nak tangkap gmabr ngan binatang2 tu.. saya x da dukung2... busuk... saya pon suka perth, very laid back...kan...?



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