Monday, 18 March 2013

From Istanbul to Rome...

Since I was small, I dreamt to be in Rome. Even when I stepped my feet at the Colleseo, I still felt like it was just a dream...he..he...

From Istanbul, we packed our bag and departed to Rome by Pegasus Airline. In case u do not know, Pegasus Airline is Turkey's budget, no frill carrier, just like our Air Asia. However,bear in mind that  the hub is in Sabiha Gokcen Airport and not Ataturk Airport, ya... Why Rome? I had two places in mine, either Rome or Berlin. But i can't afford to go both due to time constraint. Pikir punya pikir, i just chose Rome over Berlin. Even though the tix to Berlin was half the price than the tix to Rome, but i still picked Rome over Berlin. So, for the 3rd time, Berlin will still have to wait.... Tapikan...nasib baik x ke Berlin coz when I flew to Rome, Berlin was already -5 degree celcius dan ribut salji bagai.... Not good...not good.

Aktiviti semasa dalam van. Jam yg amat sangat, so kami pon
tangkap2la gmbar pemandu2 dalam kenderaan sebelah. Yang ni
pemandu bas airport.
Goodbye Istanbul. We'll be back in a few days.
Welcome to the Asian side of Istanbul.
So, berbelanjakan RM500++ for a return tix, bertolaklah kami ke Rome dari Istanbul. Sebenarnya, kalau book awal, boleh dpt dlm rm300++ for a return tix tp since kami beli tiket lambat, so mahallah sikit. Tp, I rasa still ok lg price tu.  Pagi tu, kami tunggu airport transfer after breakfast. If u wanna go to Sabiha Airport, there's no direct train to go there. Airport transfer is around 10 euro per pax and Havas Bus is 10 lira per pax. U have to take an airport transfer or a bus to go there. and the traffic is always bad... Sebenarnya, airport tu x la jauh mana, but the traffic congestion makes the journey an hour or so. Ada pernah tu sampai 3 jam pon ada coz traffic was standing still...Anyway, we arrived at the airport, exactly after an hour.

Google Map from Istanbul to Sabiha Airport. Courtesy of
Google Map.
Cube tengok gugusan bangunan ni. Kalu tngk betul2 mcm
kalimah Allah kan?
Sabiha Gokcen Airport

Check-in was smooth as we already did the online check-in. Better do your online check-in or u have to wait at the long Q...and when i say long, it is really me! We didn't buy the seats as it cost us too much but luckily we still got the seating next to each other. Since we already had ample time before boarding, we checked out the duty free shops and bought some things.

The flight departed on time. Before purchasing the tix, I already read reviews about Pegasus Air and it seemed that most of the reviews were good ones. The journey to Rome Fiumicino from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen took us 2 1/2 hours.

Ciao Roma!

~To be Cont~


  1. I'd been to both Rome and Berlin when I further my study in Uk but frankly speaking, I will choose Rome over Berlin. Don't know why but I think Rome offers tons of things to see and do that Berlin.

  2. He..he..That was one of the reasons why i had chosen Rome over Berlin.. Anyway, still want to go to Berlin, in the near future..:) U travel a lot when u studied abroad, lucky u... I didn't do much travelling when I was studying..only a few countries aja..sob..sob...:(

  3. we are spartan!! cewah~...tu lah nasib bek betoi, kalau tak, membeku sajo di berlin kan, suhu bawah -ve tu...

    1. Itulah kan...:) I've made a wiser choice after all... Anyway, Berlin can wait...he..he...

  4. Salam Farik...walala..tak tekejor den..jauh benor terobangnya!!

    1. Salam nekcik..he..he.. Jangn gitu.. X leh terobang, kite naik kereta...


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