Tuesday, 3 September 2013

From Souvenir Shopping @ Namdaemun to Nanta Show @ Myeongdong

After the museum, we took the subway to Namdaemun. Waktu tu pon perot dah berkeroncong lapar... I'd read from blogs that if we exit at exit 4, there is a muslim food outlet nearby. Cuma kami x berapa pasti la lokasinya.. Nak x nak, we just tried our luck...

When we were out of exit 4, we bumped into a Bangladeshi and asked him where can we get halal food.. He gave us the direction. Mmg sngt dekat dngn exit 4. U just cross the road and head to the right. Then, u'll see a small kebab shop.

Subway: very nice eh?
Wanna repeat climbing to Namsan Tower? No, TQ

A glance at the busy Namdaemun street. Bumped into a
Bruneian family here. 
Tu dia...Bila nampak aja jedai kebab ni, berbunga2 hati yang layu.

Kecik aja kedainya... For your info, inilah
kedai pertama yg kami dine out since our
arrival at Seoul. The rest of the days, we cooked!

This is the menu. Limited for some but sufficient
for us
Walking along the rows of shops@
Namdaemun. To me, this place is a larger
Version of Petaling Street. U can buy almost
anything here.
Some of the souvenirs sold

Farah bought herself a pair of Korean
Style sandal.. ahjumma tu kata,
'Gangnam style' sandal. Suka hati die aja. ..
Then, we bought some t-shirts.
We spent only a couple of hours there as we wanted to get to Myeongdong for the Nanta Show. NANTA ni kalau x silap, has been running since October 1997 and they have a few outlets. the biggest one is in MyeongDong. The others are at Jeju, Hongdae and Gangbuk. We walked to Myeongdong. It's just a few blocks away. At that time, it seemed like it was about to rain. When we arrived at Myeongdong area, there were plenty of tourist police to help us with the location.

The bz street of Myeongdong. 
Farah enjoyed taking photos with all
these figurines.

The landmark to go to the building where nanta
show is performed: TEENIE WEENIE

Sampai dah...
Masuk dlm naik tingkat satu, kami collect tiket dulu. I'd purchased the tickets online n we got 20% discount under the red hot chilli promo. you need to bring anything red in order to get the discounts. We showed them our passports and obviously they are red in color....:)

kalu x silap, mika ni pernah dtg perform di KLCC satu masa dulu...

The wall of fame

Some of the souvenirs sold

Ini tempt wajib snap gmbr. X sah tngk nanta show
Tp x bergmbr di sini...he..he...
Ha..kat sini pon wajib..main entrance to the lower floor
Actually, the performers are divided into groups of 10 according to colors. There are different actors in each color.

Hari ni turn kumpulan brown to perform. 

The performers from the brown group who
performed for us. They were great!

Boleh belik jajan2 dn air di sini
Too bad no one is allowed to snap any photos during the show. So, hanya gambar sebelum dan selepas ajelah yang adoo... Ada budak perempuan jaga kat situ. Ada yg cuba2 tngkp gambar.. kena panggil ke luar, dpt warning... mcm referee panggil player keluar padang plak...he..he..

Sinopsis ceritanya sangat simple dan entertaining. Nothing heavy as this is merely for entertainment kan... Anak2 I terguling2 ketawa...

Without a dialogue, but through rhythmic banging of knives, pots and pans, NANTAtells the story of four crazy chefs who have been set the impossible task of making a wedding banquet in just one hour. What follows is pure musical mayhem, and they even manage to fit in a love story! The show is based on Korea’s traditional garak (rhythms) of Samulnori (traditional Korean percussion quartet), and can be enjoyed by all the family (taken from http://www.visitkorea.or.kr/ enu/SI/SI_EN_3_2_1.jsp?cid=685099)

The stage: before the show
The stage: after the show
I don't know how much they spend on buying cabbages, carrots n other veges.. punyalah bnyk guna sayor throughout the show. Pembaziran...pembaziran...

A memento bought from
the Nanta Show.
By the time the show ended, it was nearly dark and it was drizzling.
Luckily we've got the umbrellas borrowed from Boa for the kids.
As for me, i didn't bother to use any..;)
Overall, Nanta show was fun n something different. Pricey but worth it! The show proves that language is not a barrier to deliver information to others. It was mainly a pantomime but we totally understood the whole plot.

*Expenses for this journey:

Subway: KRW 1050 (from Samgakji toHoehyeon-exit 4)
            : KRW 1050 (from Myeongdong to Hongik)
Kebab : KRW 4000 (mahal sungguh!)
Total: KRW 38100 @ RM 126.00

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  1. I came across of this Nanta show too but my friends and I were ran out of time. Will save this for the next visit.

  2. Chomelnya sandal!

    Nak follow belog buleh?

  3. aiyya...ketinggalan sungguh. Tak penah tahu ttg nanta show hhihii...comel sungguh sandal pink. Mummy nya tak beli satu ke? :-)

    1. Ha..ha..mummy x belik..yup, i booked nanta show at the very last minute. And I don't regret I did that!

    2. Ha..ha..mummy x belik..yup, i booked nanta show at the very last minute. And I don't regret I did that!

  4. Omo omo , i think i need to buy that oven glove ...

  5. Tak tau pun pasal nanta show ni...ish ish ish...tak pa save for the next trip...hehehe...

  6. Bestnya show ni. But last time saya nengok jump show. Entertaining sgt.

    1. Syieda, I thought of going to that jump show too but I have to skip it due to time constraint....too bad!



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