Monday, 4 November 2013


Before I start my Bandung entry, just want to write a quick review of this accomodation @ Pantai Balok. Even though I've been a member for a few years, this was my 1st time there. I got a free 3 days 2 nights voucher prior to a promotion made for members.

Overall, the place was fine. Many activities could be done there, especially for the kids. perhaps because it was a school holiday. The journey from KL was about 3 hours or so. The place was not actually in Kuantan, u could take the route to Cherating instead. Let's look at the hotel surrounding...

The reception area
View from our room
Here is the room...

Gambar blur.. x tau kenapa.. 

Breakfast in the morning... x tau la pasal kami lapar ke mmg sedap brekafastnya and variety.. pasta, nasi lemak, deserts, roti2 dan mcm2lah...

Gelap dah budak Farah..duduk Kuantan baru 3 hari...

The BBQ buffet dinner was not bad. I didn't eat there during dinner but I peeped from my room. The smell was so fine, i regreted not buying the buffet dinner voucher. As a member, I could get the dinner voucher for rm20 per pax instead of rm60++.

The pool...

The beach connected to the hotel...

Pantai di Pantai Timur memang seronok dari yng di Pantai Barat
sperti PD, Morib dan Melaka.
Ala2 coastguard Baywatch

Fav activity


The hotel from the beach

House slippers

Some of the activities there...

Everyday there would be activities for the guests
Outdoor activities besides playing at the beach...
Kat tepi ni pon boleh main bola....hi..hi...
Feeding the rabbits

Colouring activity,  the playground and balloons give away
Activity for the mummies
Indoor activities...

Carom and congkak. Wii pon ada...
The game room
Top: Gym, bottom pingpong game

Top: Playroom, Bottom: batik painting
One thing i always eat when coming to the east coast is its sata... Kat area ni banyak ada penjual sata.. Tp sata yg paling glamour  Aziz Sata. tp, bkn Pak Ajiz yg berlakon tu..mungkin kebetulan aja kot nama tu...If i have the time, will blog about it...:)

Tu die kedainyer....;)


  1. bile nk g obersea lg ni sis?

    1. He..he...baru balik bandung bln 9 ritu... Insyaallah hujung thn... tp dkt2 jer...he..he... no fulus....
      how's yr baby?

  2. alolooo....bestnya bawak anak-anak

  3. best nampaknya. minggu ini turn kami untuk ke sini.

  4. best nampaknya. minggu ini turn kami untuk ke sini.

    1. Bnyk xtvt esp sch holiday. Enjoy yr stay

    2. Bnyk xtvt esp sch holiday. Enjoy yr stay



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