Thursday, 18 September 2014

From Bondi Beach to Manly

Our next destination @ Sydney was Bondi Beach, a popular beach in Sydney. There are plenty of buses going to Bondi Beach from the city centre. It takes about half an hour from museum station to Bondi. In the summer, there are plenty of activities held here. Since it was winter, i guess the activities were a bit limited. But there were plenty of joggers, walkers and people with dogs walking around. Nothing much to say, just enjoy the photos....

Get down the bus once u see this pharmacy

Look at the sea....Gorgeous, isn't it? The wind and wave  were so strong at that time...syiok! 

The beach stretches about 1km long.

Spotted this lovely bird. Pigeon?

Happy people..ha..ha...

For those who opt to stay overnight, this backpacker's hostel is situated exactly adjacent to the beach. 

From Bondi, we took the bus to circular quay (wharf 3) to catch the ferry to Manly. It is located just on the opposite site of the Corso on the Esplenade.  The journey was less than half an hour or so. There are plenty of ferries, so fred not if u just miss one.

The ferry is comfortable and during the journey, u will get to see up close n personal view of the opera house.  So, better get yr camera ready! The view can be seen from my previous post.CLICK HERE

Wharf 5: tp ini bukan wharf untuk ke Manly ya...

Field trip pon ade?

Waiting for our ferry to Manly
Circular Quay from the ferry
 Other views from the ferry:

The famous Luna Park. No...we didn't go there...

Housing area, i presume....
After half an hour...
Welcome to Manly

The pier
The Beach
Before i pen off....

Photo of the day: I'm freeee bebeh...
Aksi athlete long jump veteran...ha..ha.. Till then...Cayalah kis!


  1. Rasanya burung tu ... burung camar @ seagull... memang banyak terutamanya kat Manly beach...

    1. Bnyk burung putih2 tu kt sane tp mika x ganas mcm yg di uj..curik mkanan visitors..hehe. .. saya ke manly coz nk ke sanctuary tu, dh skali belik ngsn tiket Madamme, klu idak x lajak ke sana rsanya.. tp rasa saya, bondi beach lg bersih la...

  2. Sejuk tak air lait tuh? Teringin la nak rasa sejuk camana air laut kat oversea.

    1. Sejuk syieda..x thn den...bln 5 kan..december may be pns kot...

  3. wah....i love bondi beach...mengimbau kenangan lalu. tak sempat lagi nak menulis entri tentang Sydney...anyway dah masuk anda dalam bloglist saya.

    1. Oh tq... bnyk sngt MKL travel sampai x sempat nk tulis semua..haha

  4. ya Allah jauh sgt ni merayau nyeeeeeeeeeeeeee.. xtau mne nk ltk dh jeles nih ha. adeh.. sarah cpt bsr pls. duit pls membukit.

    1. Trip dngn kwn2 ni..x bwk ciak miak..hehe... bsr dh sarah tu...thn dpn blh dh ikot mummy n daddy...:)



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