Sunday, 6 December 2015


Roadtrip to Hatyai-Krabi blm selesai but I want to give way to something more recent n still ongoing....

BBW is here again..... This time around from 4th of Dec to 14th of Dec 2015. As usual, plenty of books to grab at discounted price. HLB cardholders get extra 5%. Unfortunately, I dnt hve one. BBW 2015 is opened everyday 24 hours at its usual place MIECC, Seri Kembangan. U can sign up as a member foc. If u purchase rm200 n above, u will get rm10 voucher. Faber Castell stationery at 30% discounts.
Food can be purchased at the 1st floor. I could also see ballon house from the ground floor... i didnt go to the 1st floor, so cnt give much details. There are also some vendors selling food at the lobby/outside the lobby. Parking is rm4 flat rate...errr i think it has increased since the last BBW...

Not many photos captured as I was too busy looking at books....hehehe

Midnigt was like noon. People kept flocking in
Some of the books
Travel books
Posters section. They hve exhibit n
Posters for sale 
My catch of the day! Not so many ....too tired to walk but normally i will hve my 2nd round soon ☺....

For a little bit over RM200
Books for kids - less than RM50
Some of my travel books. Those cost me about RM65.
Faris's - RM40 for a set consisting 4 hard cover
Marvel heroes story collection.
Gerenimo's series - RM10 for English and RM5 for BM
2 hardcover sports books - RM10 (soccer) n RM12 for
the one on the right. Faris's too.
This is definitely so Meeehhh... RM20 (hardcover)
Free bookmarks. The FM is RM4 per piece or RM6 for 2.
That's about it. So, if u happen to be just around the corner or do not hve any plans to kill your  time, do drop by here. Bye for now ☺....

Kisah roadtrip to Krabi will be continued soon....


  1. Tahun lepas dah borong banyak..sebakul...akhirnya asam pedas jugak pilihan utama!!!

  2. so so so jelesss....kalau rumah/ofis dekat nak je pinjam buku2 tu ..p/s ada plan nak gi Spain ke??

    1. Haha..impian tu mmg sentiasa ada putri...

  3. borong jangan tak borong.. this is the time nak borong.. hehe..



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