Wednesday, 25 September 2013


While waiting for the change of the guard, we went to the National Folk Museum which is actually in the same compound as the palace. Unfortunately, u can't take any photos inside the museum.

The front gate

The museum shop...
Itu ajelah gambar yang ade dkt folk Museum

And there's another museum next to the folk museum. It's called the children museum. FOC with the same ticket.

Before entering the children museum, there was a small counter if u
wanna try Korean Hats.
Inside the museum, they display things associated with the kids of Korea. What they like to play in the past/traditional games, the traditional houses, and some scientific information delivered in a fun and interactive ways.

Look at these kids... Habis coklat2 seluar berguling2 dlm
bijik2 tu... Sampai bila basuh seluar, penuh dngn bijik2 tu...

Korean Traditional Room
Their house

Some of the games that can be tried out by the visitors.

Ada juga fitting baju kat sini but only for children. The ah jumma liked Farah so much, she captured her photos using her own hand-phone, sambil mencubit2 pipi budak tu...

Kalau kat palace, u pakai baju pak guard, but this one is the
princess' costume. Comelnya anak mama!


Ini aksi frust  menonggeng budak yang x dpt fitting baju coz x muat...

This way to the world of science & technology

Trying out some of the inventions. 

The origin of telephone (bottom) and the origin of post office (top).

We spotted a traditional Korean house outside the museum.
Not so sure what or whose house it is....
After the children museum, we rushed back to the palace for the change of the guard ceremony.

*Expenses for this journey:

Subway: KRW 2100 (return)
Entrance fee to the palace: KRW 3000 
Audio Guide Player: 1000 won kot (lupalah...)
Total: KRW 4200 @ RM 13

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  1. Salam Yong
    masa dodulu saya pegi boleh jer tangkap gambor kat dalam tu...sian kome kan....

    1. Itu ler tu..posing kat luor je lah..ha..ha..

  2. comel jer farah pakai hanbok, dh macam orang korea dah, hehe...


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