Saturday, 25 July 2015


Di kesempatan ini saya ingin mengucapkan:
Jom sambung...hehe...

When we were in Kyoto, we rented an apartment called Extended Stay Kyoto. It's a loft apartment. Small but adequate enough for the 4 of us. Clean and nice housing area.
The owner/caretaker is Kazue. A helpful person. She helped me a lot in translating from Eng to Jap. Kadang2 dekat train station pon i minta die translate. Just line her anytime and she will answer yr queries in no time. I don't know why we couldn't communicate thru whtssapp.

I rented the apartment via Trip Advisor for 3 nights. From Kyoto Station. we took a cab (1000 yen) straight to the house. You could also take a bus but with all the heavy luggage, naik cab aje la...

Let's look at the apartment...

Front entrance. Kena guna key card tu enter.
Apartment kami di tingkat bawah. Sejuk betul kat luar ni

Family Mart is just around the corner. 

Ada balkoni kecik behind the curtain

The small kitchen. Complete with
all the cooking utensils

Our bed upstairs. Abaikan sepah itu ya... Blm dikemas...hehe...

Living area. Small TV. Ada satu sofa
bed at the other side
Small apartment but everything is complete.

The shower

Just adjacent from our apartment

The neighbourhood
3 minutes walk to the nearest bus stop. 
The nearest station. About 10 to 15 minutes walk. In that weather,
I wouldn't mind walking even for half an hour...he..he..
Price for 4 days 3 nights: approximately RM891 + RM180 (for extra person - Faris) = RM1071. Dak Farah free. So, kira 1 malam jatuh lebih kurang RM357 satu malam for 4 people. Dalam RM89.25 per pax, per night. Yang ini still harga autumn. Harga winter is cheaper. Perhaps summer or spring season lebih mahal kot... Ok, that's all for today....


  1. Selamat hari raya awak.

    Nmpak best apartment

    1. Selamat hari raya liza. Maaf zahir batin. Ok aprtmnt tu..hehe.. mhl sikitla... kyoto kan.. osaka lbh murah rasanya

  2. Salam Farik..nekcik suggest jugsk yang ni kat tokpokcu..dia pun tengok tengok jugak...last ambik yg blakang kyoto station tu

    1. Blkng kyoto station lg central kan... mahal x nekcik sewa? Hr tu saya ada bca kt blog nekcik

  3. thank u for sharing.. maybe boleh dipertimbangkan untuk stay sini bila saya ke Kyoto nanti

    1. Dorsett untuk 3 ke 4 org ok. More than that, agak sempit

    2. Dorsett untuk 3 ke 4 org ok. More than that, agak sempit

  4. nice..boleh muat ke kalau ana 4 org?

    1. Kami pon berempat farra. Ok ja. Katil di ting atas (attic)

  5. Jepun...mana-mana pun bersih betul...

    1. Tp tong smpah oon jarang nmpk. Mungkin buang dlm poket dulu ke?


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